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In the ever-evolving domain of artificial intelligence, keeping pace with OpenAI's strategic moves is essential for anyone invested in the future of AI. Yet, without a direct channel to the insights of Sam Altman or the OpenAI team, navigating the implications of their latest innovations can leave you feeling caught in a vast expanse of the unknown.

'What Did OpenAI Do This Week?' (WDODTW) is your go-to source for demystifying the advancements and strategies of this pivotal player in AI. It’s the comprehensive weekly newsletter that provides you with a meticulously curated selection of links to every step the company and its employees have taken that week. In-depth analysis and strategic recommendations [a ‘so what?’ for every type of user] sit alongside original reporting and exclusive interviews.

We’re proud to share that a significant portion of our subscribers from day one are from within OpenAI, which for us is a testament to the quality and relevance of our content.

Who Will Benefit from WDODTW?

Our content is tailored to speak to a broad spectrum of professionals and entities for whom understanding AI and its implications is mission-critical. They stand to gain the most from stepping ahead and sit within or adjacent to the AI and tech landscapes.

  • Tech Executives & Entrepreneurs: Grasp OpenAI's market moves and their implications for your business.

  • AI Researchers & Developers: Stay on the cutting edge of machine learning advancements and OpenAI's APIs.

  • Policy Makers & Ethical Bodies: Understand the societal impacts of OpenAI's technologies.

  • Journalists, Industry Analysts and PR: Access comprehensive, up-to-the-minute insights on OpenAI.

  • Educators & Students: Integrate the latest AI developments into learning and research.

  • Innovators in Healthcare, Finance, & Beyond: Discover applications of OpenAI's technology in your field for potential innovation or disruption.

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WDODTW coverage includes:

Research breakthroughs: Deep dives into OpenAI's latest publications and discoveries, Product Updates as they happen, Insights on the evolution of GPT, DALL·E, Codex and more. Policy and Ethics: Analysis of OpenAI's stance on AI ethics, safety, and regulation. Strategic Partnerships: Examination of OpenAI's collaborations and their broader implications. Emerging Trends in AI: Forward-looking commentary on where AI is headed next.

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